Come As You Are

by Nirvana

(1992) Geffen

Personnel Do I really have to tell you?
Description A MUST BUY for any Nirvana hard-core fan!!! A terrific single.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 7/19/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
This single comes with great variety, a lot more than I expected. It has the CD version of Come As You Are, which is one of the greatest songs of all time just by itself, but added after it is Endless Nameless, a rare Nirvana track that was intended to be put on Nevermind, but with the space between Something In The Way and Endless Nameless, it accidently got cut out (I call it destiny, or something like it). The track is in their most available VHS tape, 'Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!' I know cause I have it. Although it doesn't mention the song anyone on the outside case or on teh internet or anything, I know it is. The song is one of the craziest and most adreniline pumping hard rock songs Nirvana has made that I have heard so far, with enough energy to blow your ear drums out and enough screaming vocals and monsterous sound to blow your head off your body. But as if it can't get any better, it comes with TWO LIVE TRACKS afterwards! They are recorded on the same show the live track on Lithium and others are recorded: Oct 31, 1991 in Seattle. The live tracks are: School, then Drain You. Both these songs sound incredibly power and great, the solo on School sounds incredibly better, with more energy and a bit faster than the studio version. This single is great, all four songs are wonderful and great songs (I can't swear, you know). Plus the artwork matches the feel of CAYA. I just wish that their were more singles like this out there. Their probably is, but I wish I have them.