Tikari Folk Sketches I

by Emmanuel Tanka Fonta

(2001) CWJEF Music Publications #096889741X

Description Traditional and contemporary compositions for solo, duets, trios small ensemble and bands
Posted By Emmanuel Tanka Fonta (9)
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On 7/19/2001, Emmanuel Tanka Fonta (9) posted:
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The book is titled Tikari Folk Sketches I (ISBN:0-9688974-1-X); its central theme and subject matter takes its roots from the traditional and contemporary musical forms of the Tikars, Fufulbes, Betis, Ewondos and Fangs and the Duala tribes of Cameroon in Central West Africa. The book is a unique compositional exposition on some of the general and underlying principles behind the polyphonic and polyrhythmic forms and structures inherent within the music from Cameroon, Zaire, Congo, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Guinea and Burkina Faso.

It is a 100 pages and has 12 chapters, the first ten chapters has ten scores, each score having supplementary background notes and comments on the composition, the area of its origin, the musical style, form and structure, the types of traditional motifs, idioms and imagery which have been used within the composition, the local instruments that have been used to create and establish its musical mood, movement and theme. It emphasizes different composing and arrangement techniques and also contains illustrative descriptions of some African musical instruments (Brass, Woodwind, Percussion and Strings), verses and images of local scenery and places.

The last two chapters has extracted parts from the scores, an elucidation on the different instrumental parts of some selected scores, an appendix with brief explanations on the different African instruments, which have been used for the compositions and explanations of places and names used within the book.

The book comes with a CD of 16 audio tracks of the ten scores and 6 tracks of extracted instrumental parts. The scores within the music book cover most of the basic elements and styles of traditional and contemporary African music from the above mention areas, in regards to composition, arrangements, instrumentation and orchestration. It is a general-purpose music book appropriate for professional musicians, high school and college bands, small ensembles, quartets and trios. It is also appropriate for academic and scholarly purposes in the area of ethnomusicology and can function as a reference material for research study.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists