A Live One

by Phish

(1995) Elektra

Description Excellent live double album. This is what this band was born for--PLAYING LIVE--
Posted By Steven Thomas (514)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 7/19/2001, Eric Gates (1345) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is amazing album and an excellent example of what these guys are capabale of. This album has been in my regular rotation since it came out about 6 years ago. I feel like every time I listen to it I can find something new, which after serval hundred (possibly over a thousand) listenings says a lot about these musicians.
On 7/18/2001, Steven Thomas (514) posted:
Overall Rating:
This recording seems so effortless by the band. They have such a great ability to be loose and also so musical at the same time. I can listen to the whole album and I am not dissapointed. We could all stand to learn something about control and competancy from Trey Anastasio.///// Primary song Recommendations-

//Disc One- Stash, Gumbo, and Slave To The Traffic Light

//Disc Two- Tweezer (30 min long), Harry Hood, and The Squirming Coil (The end of this song where the band stops playing one at a time so all that's left is Page Mc Connell on a piano is one of the best pieces I have ever heard.)