by Alice In Chains

(1990) Columbia

Description An early AIC gets their first record out, with a few great songs and one hit that showed their power of dark rock.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 5/12/2002, Justin Nagy (1219) posted:
Overall Rating:
This record has a LOT of Jerry Cantrell's glam side on it. I love the hard rock influences, from such bands as AC/DC, Guns n Roses, etc. This album is nothing like the Nirvana-stle grunge you may be accustomed to. It's all hard rock and heavy grunge (if that's a style). The song I don't like here is Man In The Box. Yea, everybody loves it, but it just got played to death on the radio. Sea of Sorrow has a fantastic solo, Love Hate Love is total dark rock, and Confusion is an interesting foray into a wierder brand of grunge. Overall, I love it! Very different form all their other work, though.
On 7/17/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
Or as some people call it grunge. Alice In Chain's first album is a continuation from their previous songs that are rare, and are included in their boxed set. But let's get back to the music. This album, as I said, is a lot like their earlier songs that they had done while living out on the street, or what have you, except for the first three songs sounding a lot more like their signature sound.

1. We Die Young 2. Man In The Box 3. Sea Of Sorrow 4. Bleed The Freak 5. I Can't Remember 6. Love, Hate Love 7. It Ain't Like That 8. Sunshine 9. Put You Down 10. Confusion 11. I Know Something 12. Real Thing

The first three tracks were the ones that became singles, and the ones that sold the dollar. But the rest of the tracks sound great also, but a bit too eighties-ish for me. Their is definetly a Guns N' Roses influence in their early works. AIC's style and sound clearly is shown on this album, especially in 'Man In The Box', the single that boomed over the rest, and is the video that is always on VH1 and MTV whenever they have a show about legendary bands. This album is mostly for hardcore fans of rock and grunge alike, I think a lot more people can enjoy it, but it'll be pretty hard for them to get to this album by many ways. This is a decent album, but not even comparable to what was ahead on AIC's history.