Use Your Ilusion 1 And 2

by Guns N' Roses


Description Guns N' Roses largest work is filled with experimentations, their same sound, and everything inbetween.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 7/11/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
These two CD's come seperately so save up your money for this one. Their is so much to say about them-they have ballads on these albums, of course, then theirs the eighties rock sound on several tracks, even a rap-sounding song as the last track of number two, and almost everything else that I can't mention right now.

Disc one: 1. Right Next Door To Hell 2. Dust N' Bones 3. Live And Let Die 4. Don't Cry 5. Perfect Crime 6. You Ain't The First 7. Bad Obsession 8. Back Off Bitch 9. Double Talkin' Jive 10. November Rain 11. Garden 12. Garden Of Eden 13. Don't Damn Me 14. Bad Apples 15. Dead Horse 16. Coma

Disc Two 1. Civil War 2. 14 years 3. yesterdays 4. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 5. Get In The Ring 6. Shotgun Blues 7. Breakdown 8. Pretty Tied Up 9. Locomotive 10. So Fine 11. Estranged 12. You Could Be Mine 13. Don't Cry (alt lyrics) 14. My World

THIS IS A GREAT COLLECTION OF SONGS. It has flavors of all kinds of styles, even a bit of punk shines on these albums (on the first one of course, as most of the softer songs end up on the second one) The first CD is a yellowish color, while the second is deep blue. Both these CD's are really good in experimental rock, even though I think they could have added a few more songs, or covers, to them and made them a bit bigger, or longer. But that doesn't hurt it from being any less enjoyable, after Appetite and Lies, this is all that they had written from that period. Some of those songs they had burried for years. Overall, I think this is a masterpiece record.