A New Day Yesterday

by Joe Bonamassa

(2000) Sony #BK 061088

URL http://www.jbonamassa.com/
Description This record has the sound! It's filled rocking bluesy licks like SRVaughan and Johnny Winter would play them. And his voice just lets it all out with no compromise and makes it all better.
Posted By Mikkel Pedersen (3833)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 1/10/2008, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
Overall Rating:
A buddy of mine recently turned me onto Joe, and this album. Gret stuff, and something everyone should give a listen to at least once.
On 7/10/2001, Mikkel Pedersen (3833) posted:
Overall Rating:
First time I heard this CD was at one of my friends house, in a break from playing guitars. I was impressed by the way all the different "components" of the music just fitted together.

The second time I heard it was at home after I bought the CD. I turned the volume up and WHAM! The music instantly hit the center of my head and it loved every bit of it.

After hearing it, I heard again and I started noticing his style, and it hit me that this guy must have heard Stevie Ray Vaughan alot. Many of the bends have the same feel and emotion. Then I looked at the cover and saw that he was only 21 while recording it. This is amazing! A 21 year old already playing stuff I only though SRV could have done. I looked at his webpage and it turns out that he was one of those gifted children. And that he warmed up for BB King. WOW.

To say a little bit about his style, I can say it's a bit harder than SRVs. A bit in the direction of Johnny Winters. And sometimes even a bit harder. I don't mind that. Johnny Winter is also among my favorites..

The reason that I don't give the CD the shiny 5 stars, is because you can't hear it over and over at max volume. After a while the bass starts ringing in your head. That never happened with SRVs good ones for instance..

But if it only needs to be heard once a day or so it is a definite 5 star..

I can't wait to see this guy live.