1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

by Green Day

(1990) Lookout!

Description The first album of GD is filled with teen angst; the struggles of being a teen for instance, and more punk themes.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 8/16/2001, Ian Allen (821) posted:
Overall Rating:
Their best album ever! This recording showcases Billy Joe's guitar playing. Imagine, Green Day with solo's.
On 7/11/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
39/smooth was the original title of this album, but after the success of Nimrod, the label Lookout decided to rerelease the first two GD albums, this time with added songs. Two EPs, originally released after 39/smooth, and one song from a compilation album, come together with their first CD before it, and make one huge mass of a great punk CD.

1. At The Library 2. Don't Leave Me 3. I was There 4. Dissapearing Boy 5. Green Day 6. Going To Pasalacqua 7. 16 8. Road To Aceeptance 9. Rest 10. The Judge's Daughter 11. Paper Lanterns 12. Why Do You Want Him? 13. 409 in your Coffeemaker 14. knowledge 15. 1,000 Hours 16. Dry Ice 17. Only Of You 18. The One I Want 19. I Want To Be Alone

All songs from the album 39/Smooth except: tracks 11-14: from their Slappy EP tracks 15-18: from their 1,000 Hours EP track 19: from the "Big One" Compilation All the lyrics are by Billie Joe except 'I was There' By their drummer John.

The album has everything punk, early punk anyway. Since their training in musical terms was in an all-age club, no curse words are found on the album, or anything harmful and such. The extra songs increase the albums potential, and songs like the cover 'Knowledge', and the slow but still incredibly creative 'Rest', show more sides to their musical presence than anything before. It shows how great their music would be when they get older. But let's not forget; when they put together this Album they were only in their twenties, and is filled with their most energetic music so far. Dissapearing Boy and several other tracks prove that, and the track 'I Was There' was written by their old drummer, a thing that GD does with just about all their albums-every member of the band writes a song for each album. As I said before, this album shows many teenage struggles, from girlfriends, to living a life of a teen, to many others in the same catagory. The creative and cool track '16' proves this; "Every night I dream the same dream, of getting older and older all the time", Billie writes what's on his mind, and what's going on in his life, a unique and deep twist to punk. This CD shows a heavy dose of power and energy punk with a dose of immaturity and good hooks. The album is greatly creative and really musically powerful-even though it was all recorded in twenty four hours (39/smooth was,I mean).