by Green Day

(1995) Reprise

Description After helping make punk mainstream once again, GD is trashed by critics. What do they do? Show their angry side.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
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On 7/7/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
Green Day had been labeled pop punk throughout their entire days of Dookie, but that all changed when Insomniac, their second Major label album and their fourth album, came into their ears. From the first track it clearly shows that GD's music has gone angrier, grumpier and almost edgy, but yet entirely still punk. On several tracks (almost all of them) Billie Joe complains about the horrors of being famous, especially in the hit single; "Brain Stew" : "I'm having trouble trying to countin sheep but running out..." The album also focuses on his personal life, the stresses of growing up (not much anymore), and everything else on the bands mind.

1. Armatage Shanks 2. Brat 3. Stuck With Me 4. Geek Stink Breath 5. No Pride 6. Bab's Uvula Who? 7. 86 8. Panic Song 9. Stuart and the Ave. 10. Brain Stew 11. Jaded 12. Westbound Sign 13. Tight Wad Hill 14. Walking Contradiction

The problem with this album is that it mostly sounds the same-BJ's guitar being hard and heavy, and the same edge that the previous song had. Even though the music rocks, it seems to get in the way sometimes. So if you feel like you need hard punk music to destroy a room and release your anger, well, here's music for your ears.