Outside Looking In: The Best Of The Gin Blossoms

by Gin Blossoms

(1999) A&M

Description One of the most respected alternative bands of the nineties gets a best-of album. What else is their to write?
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 7/5/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
Gin Blossoms started just as grunge bacame big, and had that soft alternative sound that later bands would have after the grunge craze died out-Matchbox Twenty, Third Eye Blind, The Verve-all of them. You kind of can say that Gin Blossoms was one of the first bands of that sort. Their first recordings were released on an EP called UP AND CRUMBLING, which catapolted them up to a major label in only a year or so, and that album, NEW MISERABLE EXPERIENCE, gave them a small portion of fame compaired to most other bands. But those lucky enough to hear their music, never turned back and respected their sound. The band broke up after the release of their second album, CONGRATULATIONS I'M SORRY, broke more success than the previous album, and pressures of the band broke loose. They broke up in 1997-1998, and never got back together since. But their great music making is clearly hard in this album, OUTSIDE LOOKING IN, an album put together by the record company, is a good album.

1. Follow You Down 2. Hey Jealousy 3. Until I Fall Away 4. Alison Road 5. Mrs. Rita 6. Found Out About You 7. Not Only Numb 8. Whitewash (live) 9. Cajun Song 10. Just South Of Nowhere 11. Pieces of The Night 12. As Long As It Matters 13. Day Job 14. Til I hear It From You

As you probably guessed it, this album has at least one song from both their albums-their EP, and a song from the soundtrack they did for Empire Records. They did songs for other soundtracks, but they aren't on this album. The live version of Whitewash is great, and makes it even more important. This album is for anyone collecting a huge library of ninties records of every band from that decade, this is a must have. Either that, or die hard or occasional fans of Gin Blossoms, also cause it shows the entire history of the band inside the booklet, from the rise, to the fall. It even tells you about their original guitarist commit suicide, and the pressure of fame.