Nothing Safe

by Alice In Chains

(1999) Columbia

Description A sort of best-of album of sorts, also an advertisement for their future box set.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 7/5/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
Nothing Safe is quite a decent collection of AIC hits, it has everything that their future box set would have-one track from their unplugged sessions, one track from the soundtrack they did for that Arnold movie, a live track, their newest song at the time, and a demo, everything that would be seen in their box set, MUSIC BANK.

1. Get Born Again 2. We Die Young (demo) 3. Man In The Box 4. Them Bones 5. Iron Gland (unlisted track from Dirt) 6. Angry Chair 7. Down In A Hole 8. Rooster (live) 9. Got Me Wrong (unplugged) 10.No Excuses 11.I Stay Away 12.What The Hell Have I 13.Grind 14.Again 15.Would?

Nothing Safe should be for tjhe casual AIC fan, the ones that like just about one or two of their songs, and want to see what their other songs sound like. Harcore fans might enjoy this CD as well, as the demo and the live song aren't included in the box set, sadly, but all the other tracks are (the unplugged isn't either, but the hardcore fan most likely already has it). This CD is decent, and showed what was to come for AIC-I just wished it came with more demos and things like that, it would have made it more valuable to the hard core fan, but what makes it better is that it unlocks something in teh box set that allows you to see an unseen video. Still, it could have been better.