Hondo H18

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Hondo

Description A caveat about the price: It was priced at $349 and was supposedly on clearance - I paid $159 for it. A little suspicious? Hmmmm . . . Standard dreadnought, light colored veneer.
Posted By Juli Pennock (178)
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On 7/1/2001, Juli Pennock (178) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar was basically the first I looked at. I was SO desperate for a guitar that I did not shop around. The price was right so I went for it, and I've not been disappointed.

I do admit, however, that if it were lost or stolen I would probably save up a little more money and go a bit higher end, but for my first ever guitar, this is a good one. Just fine for taking camping, for playing everyday, for building finger strength and calluses! :)
Price: $159.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Rockley Music
Made in Korea. Has a select spruce top, mahogany back and sides, gloss finish, 2-ply binding, deluxe chrome machine heads, 20 frets, six steel strings.
This is a good first acoustic guitar, not the easiest to play, but when you're beginning, nothing is! The action is a little high/slow and I've had a bit of an issue with fret buzz since changing the strings, but overall it's worked out very well for me. The neck is pretty thick, but I think that's standard. Again, I'm speaking from a rank amatuer's point of view.
Sound Quality:
I mostly play alternative on this guitar, and a tiny bit of blues. It has a warm rich sound, and compares favorably with other guitars in this price range. It's a little buzzy (see above) since changing the strings.
I don't play 'live' (yet?) but I do play it every day. Hardly ever needs tuning, and is easy to alternatively tune. Haven't tried a strap w/it yet. It's been though weather ranging from sub-zero to 100 degrees, and I also recently DROPPED :O it, and it sounds just a good as it ever did. VERY durable.