Yamaha Pacifica 402S

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Yamaha

Description Body is like a strat. has a straight neck and a cleverly angled head. a faux mother of pearl pick guard. fire maple for front of body, stained. natural maple on the neck
Posted By Lea Curtis (58)
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Member Reviews

On 4/30/2002, Wing hong Louie (5) posted:
Overall Rating:
For the money it was excellent value. at the 300 dollars range its a fine instrument.
Price: $249.00 (new)
Where Obtained: musiciansfriend.com
I think its made in taiwan.the body style is more like a telecaster with the two pickup configuration. Before my final decision to buy it on line,i checked all the local bay area stores. Haight Ashbury music in S.F. had some but the finishes were different and the price was about 300 dollars plus tax.the body weights a lot less than the Squire Tele that I own. And the pickup gives me much more smooth sound and sustains 3 times better than the Tele.The volume and tone controls are smooth( better volume control,no static noise at regular amp settings. Dont get me wrong I love my Tele but for songs that require a cleaner smooth sound this Yamaha can handle it.
I had to change the string set right away. I use 8-38 I had to file the low E string nut cause the string was sitting up too high. I did my regular adjustment at the bridge. this guitar is extremely light weight, and I'm still getting use to the weight, compare to myMexican Strat or my Squire tele. It doesnt bend (strings bend) as well as the Strat but bends better than the Tele.all 3 guitars has the same string sizes.the neck comes only with a rosewood fingerboard,but my personal preference is the maple fingerboard which i have on the Tele.
Sound Quality:
FOr my guitar amp I have a Crate 30w its about 8years old. when I play at home i like to play anything from robin trower songs where I uses all my effects( including wah,digital delay,chorus,phase shifter, flanger.)fleetwoodmac, Eagles (acoustic)SteelyDAn.the Yamaha is well suited for the Adult school music class that Im taking. Swing Band music including music from the 40's 50's 60's.As far as rating this guitar is what i prefer to use in my class over the Squire Tele or Mexican Strat.
I only recently aquired this axe so its too soon to tell. I always put my own homemade straps right into the hole so that it wont come off. for 250 dollars its quality compare just as well as my 350 dollars Mex Strat.
On 8/20/2001, Lea Curtis (58) posted:
Overall Rating:
For having recieved this as a prize I htink it is really nice and many people I know say it is a kick a-- guitar. it's got a cool color and is easy for me to learn my way around. very solid and not easily injured (don't ask how I know that). nice finish. sounds good to me.

Sorry but I was wrong about the body style - shows how much I knew about guitars when I got it huh? SORRY!!!
Model Year: 2001
Price: $0.00 (new)
Where Obtained: won in a radio station contest
Made in US Maple 22 frets, steel I assume volume and tone controls also a switch to control what pickups are used don't know about pickups or configuration nor can I tell you about the rest - I am a newbie in the guitar world
It is easy for me as a VERY beginner to play and learn on
Sound Quality:
I can't answer much of this.... not very "noisy. would say in my humble trombone major opinion that it has a warm sound but can "laser" the tone if needed