Korg A-3

Multi-Effects Rack Unit

Made by Korg

Description Old 16 bit multieffects processor.ram card upgradeable 100 patches all user programmable
Posted By Chris Frechette (1416)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 6/28/2001, Chris Frechette (1416) posted:
Overall Rating:
Pretty good for the money
Price: $150.00
It is a stereo processor with various distortions,delays,reverbs,an exciter,midi capable.a lot of toys for the money.i make patches and then store them in the computer the patches dont take up any hard drive space.
Sound Quality:
Pretty good sound on the reverbs and delays.the chorus,flanger andother time based effects are great if used witha little common sense.the compressor isn't real responsive and the distortions are kinda thin for my tastes.a little playing and you can come up for some cool stuff
Ease of Use:
Didn't have a manual for it until about six weeks ago.Iwasn't missing anything.