The Amazing Slowdowner

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Description Able to slow a piece of music from your CD drive or a file up to 400% without change of pitch or lose of quality. Able to A-B and loop any portion of the music. EQ and pitch adjustment also. PC or
Posted By James Harris (266)
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On 6/24/2001, James Harris (266) posted:
Overall Rating:
With this I can learn at any speed thats comfortable for me playing along with the recording. The problem I have experienced with it is my cd drive was too slow for it so my wife made files of the songs I want and transferred them to my computer. The demo should reveal this problem. Other than that I find it very simple and reliable.....
Price: $40.00 (new)
Where Obtained:
Needs atleast 4 MB of memory to run. Need a fast cd drive to beable to run cds. Demo provided at this website. I love it. Now I can not only hear whats being played, (fast passages), but can also here how its being played. What notes are picked and what notes are hammered or pulled off. Great teaching tool.....
Ease of Use:
The Amazing Slow Downer is downloaded off the internet. All thats needed is the code to unlock it from ronimusic. No manual here. Its also amazingly simple to use.....