by 311

(1993) Capricorn #B00005ABHV

Personnel Nick Hexum - guitar/vocals; Doug Martinez - vocals/turntables; P-Nut - bass; Chad Sexton - drums; Tim Mahoney - guitar
Description 311's first full length album, and their rawest. it rocks hard and is something different then later stuff like "Soundsystem"
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Directory Recordings: Alternative
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Member Reviews

On 1/30/2002, Jake Williams (117) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is one of those CD's where at first you get it and you're like "what?" but then later it grows on you big time. Like Grassroots. Visit is my fave on here, Do You Right and Unity are both sweet tunes. Hydroponic is a heavy song with a great metal vibe. And of course it has the in-concert classics Freak Out, Feels So Good, and F#%$ the Bullsh!t. Rapiin', rockin', funkin', etc. Old-school hard stuff by 311. Represent!
On 6/21/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
311's second best album, i'd really give this 4.9 stars, while "Grassroots" got 5. it's their first full length release, and it shows the raw, down-home flavor they brought back in the day. with great songs like "Hydroponic" and "Freak out", "Music" is 311's hardest album to date, yet they manage to keep their reggae/hip hop sides intact.