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Description Solid body double cutaway three pickups,5 position switch with volume & tone controls. Body & neck made of Mahogany with thick ash laminated ash arched look top rosewood fretboard. The the body color is red sunburst the apointments are black.
Posted By Leslie (Mike) Carr (150)
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On 6/18/2001, Leslie (Mike) Carr (150) posted:
Overall Rating:
I'm preay eay going person when it come to a critique. I like all guitars as long as the don't sound like s_ _ t always have as long as I can remember bsck in th 50's my parents Les Paul records grand parents country music and Elvis P's Sun City recordings . I really enjoy this plank my only complaint about this piece is that the way they designed the head. They brought it of to a curved point and with a straight grain of Mahogany the pionted tip was damaged when it was carelessly leaned up against and amplifier and the guitar fell side ways
Price: $700.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Spitzer music Hayward CA
U.S. made body & materials Mahogany body & neck with a thick ash laminated top. 6 string 22 standard width frets. 2 controls volume & tone with 5 position switch. 3 pickups single neck & center double bridge and pasive electronics. Cherry red flame-top, double cutaway arched style top. Adjustable bridge schaller type pegs non locking
The actions on this guitar is comfortable for me I'm still a beginner in many ways but the professional teacher's I've had and more experienced guitar playing friends all complemented me on my choice of purchase after they had played it.
Sound Quality:
I personally like the sound qualities, this is a versitle guitar for beginning, intermediate and advanced players
I semiretired from playing the past twenty years (Raise family pay mortgage etc)and my axe has forlornely sat in its case for short stretches of time but when ever I have taken it out to play I've only had to tune it or put strings on it the truss adjustment and intonation have remained consistant the hardware has held up well.