Luigi Legnani: 36 Capricci Op. 20

by Lucio Matarazzo

(1997) AGORA' #AG 058.1

Description An unusual series of works featuring some outstanding examples of pure virtuosity by one of the greatest Italian guitarists of the romantic period, Luigi Rinaldo Legnani.
Posted By Rick Payman (10059)
Directory Recordings: Classical
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On 6/12/2001, Rick Payman (10059) posted:
Overall Rating:
This CD is my first exposure to the works of Luigi Legnini (1790-1877), and I must admit it has come as something of a revelation. Legnani was a great friend of Paganini, and indeed there are similarities between these Guitar works and Paganini's own Violin Capriccios, although these works are somewhat more approachable.

There are other recordings of the 36 Capricci on other labels such as Naxos, which may be easier to find.