Danelectro Innuendo 6 String

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Danelectro

Description The body is somewhat like an upside-down stratocaster. This guitar has four effects and two jacks. The effects can be used only in the effect jack,the other is for use as a normal guitar.
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Member Reviews

On 6/12/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I really like this guitar. It doesn't stand up to a les-paul or a gibson sg only because of the price it was made to be in. I would recomend this guitar to anyone who can't afford pedals. This is a great garage band guitar.
This is a standard guitar aside from the 2 jacks and the effects. It has a fine glossy finish and has 3 single coil pick-ups. Visit danelectro.com for pictures and details.
This guitar is very easy to play and the enlarged strap-buttons allow you to move around without the guitar falling off. the action is not high or low.
Sound Quality:
This guitar has very good sound exept for the fret buzz which is heard on the lowest 2 strings. It has a nice vintage sound.
It is pretty durable. However, it does need to be tuned often if you play for and extended amount of time. The whammy bar really knocks the tuning off and it has no self tuning or locking brige or nut. 6 months is the average you will go before you blow a string if you play like I do.