by Green Day

(1994) Reprise

Description Green Day's masterpiece album comes in the form of pure punk.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 1/25/2006, Nathaniel Perkins (27) posted:
Overall Rating:
The best overall Green Day album, though there's some better songs of theirs. I especially like Longview, with that great bassline. Mike Dirnt's one of the best bassists around, and his playing in Longview really brings it out. Another good song is Basket Case. It has cool lyrics and a sort of hypnotising sound. The two worst songs on the album are Chump and In the End. They just don't stack up to the rest of the album. But ignoring though, Dookie gets a definite 5 stars.
On 11/18/2001, Keith Deuser (2686) posted:
Overall Rating:
Pure punk. good album.
On 8/6/2001, Carl Anderson (2230) posted:
Overall Rating:
GD's best album. Great songs!
On 6/12/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
Green Day's Dookie changed the way Nevermind changed rock, but instead, now punk. GD made punk look cool again in the summer of 1994, almost on accident. The teenage anthem 'Longview', provided thousands of teens to get their first taste of pure punk. Many of their other greatest hits are also on the album, 'Welcome To Paradise', and 'Basket Case', the biggest of them all. This is a classic punk album through and through, even the inside cover and outside covers are classic punk. The entire album rocks if you like their brand of a loop of three or four chords in a basic rhym, also a classic punk move. This album is one of teh greatest albums of the nineties. Probably the funniest take on the album is probably the secret song, something I won't spoil cause of how funny and immature it is. Dookie is something that definetly shouldn't be missed.