Whirlwind Selector

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Description Active A/B switch with three basic modes of selection; A, B, or A+B via two momentary switches housed in a metal cast enclosure. Requires 9v battery, not included.
Posted By Theresa Dobbs (3289)
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On 6/12/2001, Theresa Dobbs (3289) posted:
Overall Rating:
The "Selector" was chosen primarily because of a limited selection available. (i feel that many similar units are comparable anyway.) This unit is surprisingly expensive for what it does. Being an active switch, I expected better performance. A signal drop occurs when both inputs are guitars and are selected to output to a common source. (Parallels the two guitars and causes a drop in impedance.) All signal paths should be isolated to prevent impedance problems.

A latched battery compartment access door would have been a nice feature to have, although the LED channel indicators is a nice feature.
Price: $0.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center, Central Dallas
The unit is basically an A/B or A+B selector switch enabling the user to either split a signal into two independent signals from a single source or vis-a-versa. For those users that find the 9v battery application a bit cumbersome, the unit accepts a 9v DC input from a wall wart adapter. (Both not included with purchase) Typically, a user will use this switch to send a signal to two different inputs by selecting either the A I/O port, B I/O port or both. Users may also opt to use the switch in reverse, taking two independent signals and routing either one of them to the common I/O jack. Each active port is indicated by an illuminated LED. A latched battery access door would have been desirable over the four phillips screws that need to be removed to gain access to the battery.
The switches are high quality momentary push button switches and non-latching. The enclosure is made from die-cast metal and appear to be quite durable. This switch should be able to handle most over zealous guitar players foot stomping. Whirlwind does make durable microphone snakes, drop boxes and cables. The accessories they make are no exception.