Carvin XV-212

100W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Carvin

Description All-tube channel switching open back combo
Posted By Dave Evans (259)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 6/11/2001, Dave Evans (259) posted:
Overall Rating:
I bought it because it was agreat deal, and I was already familiar with it because my band mate had one EXACTLY like it. I would definitely buy another one if it were lost or stolen. I like it because it is unique and sounds awesome! Try Carvin gear! it is very reliable IMHO!
Price: $350.00
Where Obtained: Repeat Performance-Homewood, AL
Clean Vol, Master Vol, OD Vol, Bass, Mid, Treble, Pres, Reverb, 5 band EQ, EQ switch (to send either clean or OD sound thru the EQ), STBY, Impedance selector, Power selector (25W,50W,Full) Eff attenuator switch, XLR out, Effects Loop In/Out, Ext Speaker Jack Footswitch jack. Very loud and clear clean channel, Powerful dirty channel with thick distortion of you like, 4 6L6 output tubes, 2 70W Celestions. Sounds REALLY great thru a closed-back 4-12 w/Celestions.
Sound Quality:
I use it with my Gibson Melody Maker. Great Rock or Alternative amp. Would make a good blues or country amp too. Pretty quiet amp and the all steel footswich is a tank. It is incredibly loud for clean sounds and will loosen your teeth when distorted. The EQ gives you +/- 18 db of cut and boost instead of the usual 10 or 12 which is cool. The regular tone controls give you 40 db difference from 0 to 10. An incredible range of tones can be achieved with it. If you want that old tweed tone you can switch the power down to 25 watts on the back panel, use the clean channel cranked up and it gets that old Vox-ish tweed-ish dort of breakup. Pretty neat-o little amp. Oh yeah, the reverb sounds HUGE when cranked to 10. I've never heard that much reverb available from tank reverb before.
Ease of Use:
Very user friendly amp. Not much fiddling around wi this one.
Construction is very good. Thick high quality plywood is used on the cabinet, sturdy switches and knobs abound, I said before the footswich is all steel and has a 25 foot cable with a switchcraft XLR plug on the end. My only durability complaint is the utput tube sockets have to tube-retainers. They hang upside down on this model and the only thing holding them in is the tension on the socket pin receptacles. Whil transporting it once, a tube fell out and broke. I always make sure I push on the 6L6's abit to make sure they are in before I play it after transporting it.