Rhythm Of The Soul

by Dave Weckl

(1998) Stretch Records #SCD-9016-2

Personnel Jay Oliver - Keys Buzz Feiten - Guitar Tom Kennedy - Bass Steve Tavaglione - Sax Frank Gambale - Guitar Dave Weckl - Drums
Description All-star Jazz/Fusion lineup that puts grooves into the CD!
Posted By Randy Hano (12149)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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On 6/9/2001, Randy Hano (12149) posted:
Overall Rating:
Dave Weckl returns to Acoustic Drums and instead of making a drum dominant album, he makes an album that grooves like you never ever heard it. Both Weckl and Jay Oliver composed the 11 tunes on this recording ranging from blues shuffles to New Orleans rhythms and fusion dynamos. Tom Kennedy and Weckl just make this recording kick with great guitar work from Buzz Feiten and Frank Gambale. Jay Oliver's keys hold the pads when he's not soloing and Steve Tavaglione plays some great sax on this recording. Really good stuff and makes you hungry for more!