Gibson Melody Maker

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description LP shape, thin body with radiused edges, no laminated (flat) top, no binding, single humbucker in bridge position, searate tune-o-matic and tailpiece, 1 Vol. 1-Tone control. Very lightweight all-mahogany guitar with rosewood board
Posted By Dave Evans (259)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 6/9/2001, Dave Evans (259) posted:
Overall Rating:
The only thing I'd change is the location of the output jack, which is on the pickguard. It is too far away from the edge of the guitar and you have to use a right angle plug to keep it from sticking out. It just rocks. And it looks really cool. It Looks like something Joan Jett would've played.
Model Year: 1986
Price: $325.00
Where Obtained: Repeat Performance-Homewood AL
USA Made Mahogany body and neck with Rosewood board 22 frets med 1 volume, 1 tone 1 bridge humbucker red painted finish single cutaway tune-o-matic bridge with stop tail piece nonlocking gibson chrome tuners
Low action, wide thin neck, a bit neck heavy, I removed Joan Jett's autograph from the top and the buffing wheel I used put a very minor gouge in the paint. If you like guitar-cord-amp, this is a great rock guitar.
Sound Quality:
I use it with a Carvin XV212 all tube combo and they both rock. I'd say it has a warm sound. It compares to a guitar a friend of mine had which was a Kramer with a single Duncan JB pickup in the bridge position, if that tells ya anything. It is a little noisy for a humbucker. I have added a pickup, a Dimarzio stacked single coil inwhat would be the middle position if it had three pickups, but it doesn't.
Great durability in all areas.