Art & Lutherie (?) Wild Cherry

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Art & Lutherie (?)

Description An annoymous brand indeed, but worth every penny.
Posted By Lior Ella (190)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 6/8/2001, Lior Ella (190) posted:
Overall Rating:
I first spotted this guitar while fiddling around with expensive ones at the store. I took it off the rack, sat down, struck a note, and fell in love. It sounds much deeper and warmer than most of the $1000 brand names that shared the rack space with it. The construction, handmade, is a marvel to look at. I am very lucky I have found this guitar, and I don't see myself selling it for any reason.
Where Obtained: 'Effect', in Jeruaslem, Israel
It is made of 95% Canadian wood (not a word about the other 5%. Makes you wonder), which can in turn be devided into %55 Wild Cherry, 33% Maple, 7% Spruce, and 5% Rosewood. The tuners are nice and smooth, nothing too flamboyant, and the rest is quite standard.
It is resplendent. Fits like a glove.
Sound Quality:
Hrmm, the first 2 strings may be a bit stingy, but the rest are fine. Stock string are too thick.
Still in tip-top shape (after 6 months...)