Ibanez AX 7221

Electric 7-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description A slick metalic grey finished 22 fret 7-string with a standard headstock capping the rosewood fretboard. Neck and bridge pickups are controled with a fret selector switch as well as four knobs controling the tone and volume of each pickup.
Posted By Drew Whitler (67)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 9/7/2001, Drew Whitler (67) posted:
Overall Rating:
While a solid superficial design, the hardware leaves much to be desired. The sound is fine so long as you are playing on the seventh string, but leave it and you piece can be ruined. The aggravation of the drone coupled with the natural irritation of the seventh string ballence out with the novelty and creative options making this effort from Ibanez, only average.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $430.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Century Music
This guitar is stylish. Gunmetal body and a rosewood finished neck make it great to look at. Duel humbuckers are controled by for volume and tone knobs as well as a H/H selector switch. Great reliable locking tuners and double cutaway (Albeit oddly large) body.
This guitar is difficult to reveiw in this catagory because the playability is naturaly hampered by the 7th string. The wider fret board and narrower space between frets makes playing it more difficult, but not impossible. PLaying standard rythm riffs takes some getting used to as you have to skip a string that never used to be there. As seven strings go actualy this one has the idea neck width, so its one of the best in its catagory. All the same it is less playable and deserving of a three.
Sound Quality:
I personaly use some beginer equipment (have yet to form a true band and need thousand dollar cabinets) An old Peavy KB300 keyboard amp (400 watts) and a Korg AX1G multi effects system. I play a lot of punk metal folk and classical and this guitars sound is suited to... certain things. The low pickups are excelent for capturing the Crunch of a power chord. The high tones pick up respectably but not as well as the higher-end variation of this Ax (the model number excapes me but it is about 200 bucks more) Though the extra string can add some Umph to the bass lines of folk music... but most 7-stringers don't go that route. THE BIG PROBLEM HERE... yes there is a Huge problem that annoys me to this day. It is that the low B string resonates when you dont even make contact with it. Playing any of the strings causes the low b to Rumble and produces a droning sound that detracts seriously from the overall quality of the music you are playing. I have learned to either rest my palm on these strings or to place a cottonball under it. It still p---es me off...
Durable indeed, great tunning mechanisms keep it in tune for days on end (sans reallly heavy playing) All the equipment is in the same working order it was 2 years ago while I have bumped it and left it in the sun countless times.