Westfield B220ce

6-String Guitar

Made by Westfield

Description Black body with white trims electro-acoustic
Posted By Mark Evans (39)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 6/4/2001, Mark Evans (39) posted:
Overall Rating:
Fav aspect is its sounds good. worst is sliding. coul have a little better action. is this guitar popular or used by anyone famous??:):)
Price: $300.00 uk 300 (new)
Where Obtained: Curlys
Made in china, mahogany body and neck, 20 frets, 6 strings, volume, mid, bass, and treb switches, cutaway finish, string thorough body style. thats all i know :):)
I think my guitar is really goood. it has good action but sliding can be a bit of a problem, there are more advanced and better guitars but i like this one.
Sound Quality:
I use no affects it sounds good for more acoustic and bassy songs, this is the best acoustic i have played.
For these my guitar is top i think its really good doesnt need retuning often and havent snapped a string yet:):)