Version 1.1
Platforms W 9x
Size 460K
License Shareware
Description A very very easy to use, but extremely flexible software metronome. This is the software metronome you've been looking for!
Posted By Doug McMullen (6014)
Directory Software: Instructional
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On 5/25/2001, Doug McMullen (6014) posted:
Overall Rating:
I seriously give this thing a 6 rating. If you're the kind who feels like you should practice with a metronome, but it's just too dull... THIS IS YOUR BABY.
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Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
This is a brilliant metronome... the drum-machine/metronome hybrid I'd been looking for. Very very easy to use. Marketed as a device for folks learning flammenco guitar styles, the makers have missed the boat... this is a rhythm box for _any_ guitarist. The ease of programming rhythms and the choice of sounds lets you practice with accents, end of measure cues, and some polyrhythm type ideas. Just fantastic. How good is this shareware? It's mail in the check to the makers with a smile, good! Btw, it's completely unimpressive looking. The GUI is perfectly functional, and drab. Don't expect to be wowed by looking at it. It's dull looking. You'll be wowed when you practice with it!
Ease of Use:
It couldn't be easier to use.