Washburn SB-5

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Washburn

Description Serial#-S95050161 Black (Pick-ups)Hum -Neck poss.=421 -Bridge poss.=423 (Body)style of Ibanez GAX70. Grover tuners,3-3. ebony fretboard. 3-way switch, volume-tone-tone dials. fixed bridge. Bolt-on. Dont know date or price.
Posted By Matt McBride (8)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 5/21/2001, Matt McBride (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
-I like to check out pawn shops all the time for treasures such as this and other guitar related products -Yes -mabey strap locks, or better pickups -it was cheap, and its playing ability Rocks! -Its no Gibson but its one of the best guitars ive played
Price: $160.88
Where Obtained: Pawn Shop
-Korea - ? -22 -V/T/T 3-way selector - H/H - ? -Washburn 421/423 Black&Cream/ Black&Black -Black -Double Cut, Wide Bottom, Like Ibanez GAX70 -Fixed bridge, String-thru body -Non locking, Grover Chrome Hardware
-Yes -Easy high note reach -Beter than any guitar i've owned (Squire-strat Bullet, Harmony-Flying V) -Yes- Very few finish scratching & the bridge saddle screws are hard to access
Sound Quality:
-Peavy 212 Super Chorus, Boss Ds-1/2, Xt-2, Ge-7, ect... -Industrial,Goth,Metal,Grunge,Psychodelic,Clasic Rock -yes any -Ranges from warm,heavy,high, -I like its basses, mediums and highs - -Crackels a little when moving tone dials/easily fixed -no good for both
-Yes -Not often at all -Excellent - ? dont no its always humid here in houston