JB Player JBA-750

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by JB Player

Description Korean made, but solid. I got this guitar of ebay and have absolutely no complaints
Posted By Michael Palmer (2319)
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On 5/16/2001, Michael Palmer (2319) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall I would recommend this guitar or anyother JB as an alternative to a strat or similar brand name guitar in this price range. I have both a Mex Strat and the JB, and the JB plays much better. Sound is another issue though. But for practice, the uniqueness of the body and pickguard, and novelty of the guitar, you can't be the price. I like the guitar, and I have no regrets about plunking down $250 for it.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $250.00
Where Obtained: ebay
Made in Korea, this guitar is very well built and is sturdy as a horse. Solid alder body. Maple bolt-on neck Rosewood fingerboard Three lipstick-style pickups 5-way selector switch One volume, one tone control Wilkinson tremolo, Pearloid pickguard Candy Red or Dark Metallic Blue finish I have the candy red model, which looks really nice, but it's like somebody pulled on a strat at both ends to make it longer.
The playability is excellent actually. I was pleasantly surprised. The back of the neck is really smooth and with low action this guitar plays fast. This guitar is as playable as any top of the line guitar. Actually, if I could transpose this neck onto a different body I would. When looking for another guitar, I am so in love with this neck I will actually search out a higher quality guitar with the same materials.
Sound Quality:
The sound quality is iffy, the lipstick pickups and general body of the guitar do not make this the best sounding machine. This guitar would best be suited for practice, as I use it. I play through headphones so I really can't tell you much more about how it sounds. Sorry
No problems yet. Although many think that the necks on JB Players are very bad, they tend to warp when you put on heavier strings. I have yet too experience any problems with it. being that it is my practice guitar, I don't treat it very well, other than a couple strings breaking though, I have had absolutely no problems.