Godin Aristan ST

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Godin

Description It is Byrd's eye pink.there is no fret markers.maple body and neck. Ebony fret board.three humbuckers that look like single coil.a very pretty guitar,good quality to
Posted By Caleb Butler (28)
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Member Reviews

On 4/27/2007, Dave PATTENDEN (61) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would buy another Godin, maybe not this model
Price: $300.00 Canaian $
Where Obtained: Private sale
H-S-H Flame top, double cut away, Locking
Does not hold tuning very long
Sound Quality:
Fender Chorus, not noisy, sounds OK
Does not hold tune very long
On 5/8/2001, Caleb Butler (28) posted:
Overall Rating:
We were basically looking for a godin when we bought it. I would definitely get this guitar again. (after getting the police to get the fbi after the jerk who would dare steal it.) It could be a bit better if the ridge around the edge was not so deep it can get your arm sore if you play it to long sitting down. If you are looking at it . get it is is awesome!!!!!!
Model Year: 1993
Price: $500.00 canadian
Where Obtained: second hand
Body- maple neck- rock maple fret board- ebony a very nice guitar. it is byrd's eye pink. there are no fret markers which give it a very sleek look. It has a volume nob, tone nob, 5 way pickup selecter swich, whamy bar (which i don't really use). She has 3 pickups H/H/H even though they look like single coil they are humbuckers. I think they are godin scpecially made pickups. The finish is a very beautiful byrd's eye pink with a inch wide grove cut out of the body (hard 2 explain). The bridge is a "Kahler" (if that is how you spell it). a good quality whammy. you have to cut the heads of the stings befor you dtring them though. The tunners are locking but i am not sure of the brand. Hard to tune though.
The guitar is great for playing. I keep the action realatively low. So i can do more with it. The ebony neck feels great i don't know what ids different that other guitars but it is great. Compared to other guitars i have played (not a whole lot) i comes out on top. only a mall chip on the side. Again it is hard to tune.
Sound Quality:
It sounds great. I have (with my dad) a roland jazz 120 amp w/two speakers. We recently had a digitech rp7 but sold it & will be getting a rp100 soon. I like blues but I am not very good at it. I do play rock. And some church songs that my teacher revamped to make a bit more interesting. The pickup combination is so varried that it is hard to give it a designatied sound. I have not noticed any flaws or anything of the sort in the sound.