Adams Medium Light

Made by Adams

Description Cheap strings at a cheap price.
Posted By Daniel Mckee (3210)
Directory Equipment: Strings
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Member Reviews

On 5/7/2001, Daniel Mckee (3210) posted:
Overall Rating:
Well, this is the last time I use these strings! They come at a good price, but as my dad use to say "you only get what you pay for". A very true statement in the case of adams strings.
Price: $7.00 (new)
Where Obtained: local music store
The adams medium light's for acoustic arn't anything special, no special treatment, made of wound nickel, and have normal ball point ends.
Sound Quality:
These are the worst strings I ever played on, if you are into fingerpicking or playing chords one note at a time, then the strings arn't to bad, but they sound horrible on chords.
These strigns kept there new sound for about 5 days, but the seemed to always be getting out of tune also.