Cort Effector

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Cort

Description Explorer type guitar with effects buttons built into the body of the guitar. It has two humbucker pickups and a volume, tone and speed knobs.
Posted By Travis Smith (8)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 5/6/2001, Travis Smith (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar is a real pleasure to play. Like I said I'm a beginning player so I really don't heve that much info yet but the more I play it I will add more to the review.
Price: $150.00
Where Obtained: Madhouse Music-Green Bay
I believe it was made in Japan. I'm not sure what the body is made of but it has a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and six strings. Two humbucker pickups in the neck and bridge position. It has a glossy black finish with an ebony stripe around the edge.Explorer body type with a string thru body bridge. Not sure about the tuners.
I'm not much of a player as I am just beginning but from what I've done so far it seems to have nice action and good weight.
Sound Quality:
I play it thru a Multivox Premiere P25 practice amp with no effects. The guitar has built in effects.
It has held up pretty good for the time that I have owned it. It keeps in tune pretty good and everything seems to be holding up real well.