In Utero

by Nirvana

(1993) Geffen

Description One of the greatest Rock bands ever, released their final album of original material. With a bang.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 3/7/2003, Wesilbac Mang (362) posted:
Overall Rating:
An exelent c.d with the song heart-shaped box who could want more?
On 8/13/2002, Karl Haikara (2330) posted:
Overall Rating:
In Utero is much like the Pixies Surfer Rosa, in which Steve Albini's production (or recording) increases the impact of the material, what would Rape Me or Tourettes sound like with out the skinned face production?
In Nevermind the guitars had a sort of glossy heavy metal sheen to them, that was part of its appeal, but when the first roar of a guitar (is it a guitar? it could be a musical vacum-cleaner) is heard, the album is downright heavy.
While in Nevermind the drums carried the song, it was more in a top 40 way, in In Utero Albini's production has the trademark loud mid-rangey sound, and indeed they carry the song much better than ever in Nevermind, the un-comprimising sound of the drums really show how great a drumer David Grohl is, in Nevermind they were hidden, but here they're in full veiw without any sheen.
With the non-production of In Utero the quiet parts are quieter and the loud parts are louder, and the effect heavys the album, combined with Kurt Cobain's suicide note lyrics the album is the defening roar of a tourtered mind.
It really is the best Nirvana album avalible, unlike Neverminds candy sheen, Bleachs grunge heaviness, In Utero is the best of all worlds, amazing.
On 7/11/2001, Mike Bulko (989) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great Cd. It seems a little lighter then Nevermind. Especially with songs like All Apologies, and Pennyroyal Tea
On 4/28/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
"Finally, the music I hear in my head can finally be heard by others" Kurt Cobain's exact words when discussing about the recording of IN UTERO, their fourth and final album of studio recordings. Of course, their are many singles that barely any Nirvana fan has heard, but those aren't considered Nirvana albums, mostly singles. This CD is a more stronger, angry CD than any other Nirvana CD, with a heavier sound on the guitar, deeper sound on the drums, and the bass player sounds exactly the same-but the recording sounds like it's been recorded from many different angles, giving it a wierd 'echo-ish' sound from their music all around the room. Kurt, in the same interview, said; "I can't remember how many microphones we used during recording, cause he used so many in all different directions." The sound you hear out of this entire CD is the sound that Kurt always wanted to hear, he says later in the interview, and that its great that people can now hear it. But, that doesn't mean it doesn't have any flaws, right? Wrong. Even thought Nirvana's energy and anger purely is poured into the album, the 'echo affect' gets in the way, as Kurt said it; 'You can't really hear my voice when hearing the album, I fought with him over it, and in most songs I changed the recording so you can hear my voice better' And that stands true in this album, but since the words are finally included in the booklet (first time ever on a Nirvana CD), you can guess where the words go if you can't understand what he's saying, so it's not that much trouble. But then their's the other problem-much the same problem with Green Day's Insomniac-every song sounds the same, that hard, echoic sound that you hear on every song might get annoying to some people, but who cares? It's Nirvana. Even thought all the songs on this cd sound the same, they sound great nonetheless.