by Green Day

(1992) Reprise

Description Anyone who loves Green Day must buy this CD. It's the CD before Dookie, and is even better: less pop-more punk. Anyone who loves punk should grab it.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 4/28/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
Kerplunk is a great album, in my opinion. The entire album just spells out Green Day. Their sound really shines out in the album, from Tre Cool's first recordings with the band, to Billie Joe's new British-like voice, to many other things that would later be heard in their more noticable albums. The CD contains mostly un-pop songs, real punk songs for the real fans. But don't let it get you, their's a bit more to it as well. You can see where Green Day's sound comes in in many of the tracks, even teh first song on teh CD gets me going. The third track might ring a bell for anyone who has listened to Dookie, the original version of Welcome To Paradise. The track after it, Christie Road, is a more low but yet fast sound to it, but is a classic GD song. The next track I really admired was Dominated Love Slave, a song that was written by Tre Cool, that hella funny drummer of the band who is almost crazy. Listen to it, and laugh. After that are many pure-punk songs, then, the song 'No One Knows, which sounds a lot like Adam's Song, but yet a lot more electric, and this song came way before it. It has that 'this is me, so what the hell are you gonna do about it?' Like sound that any adolescent (I hate that word) teenager can relate to, like me. A few songs after that is another song, an accuistic song called The Words I might Have Ate, another great punk/experimental song. And that is that. But wait, their's more. Four new songs have recently been added to the CD, from Billie Joe and Mike Dirnts original band, Sweat Children. This is as early a recording of Green Day as it gets, folks. The songs show how early they can get and still have the same sound they have today. They also cover an old The Who song, but I won't tell you since it's pretty obvious what the song is. The Cd is a must have for any kind of Punk rock fan, whether you hate Dookie and love Insomniac, or vise-versa, this is the album for you.