Austin 214282

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Austin

Description It has 24 frets, It has clear blue finish, you can see the solid wood body, white pickguard, three pickups, and makes a stupid buzzing noise all the time that i cant get rid of..Stratocaster rip off design,
Posted By Tom Pascoe (8)
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On 4/23/2001, Tom Pascoe (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at some alvarez electrics, and i really wanted one of them.. but this was about 1/2 the price, and i'm on a limited budgette, so this is what i ended up with.. I wish i could have spent the extra money, to get a more decent guitar, but i'll live with this one untill some money comes my way. I probly wouldnt buy this guitar agian, but i dont see why anybody would want to steal it :) hehe... The guitar isnt that great quality, and could use a little work, but i cant entirely put my finger on what it needs at the moment... I do however, really love the color of the body.. Its a deep blue, but you can see through it, and has a beautiful grain patteron on the body, and nice maple-ish looking neck. The f---er buzz' all the time though when its set on picup 1, 2, or 3, and sometimes when its on 1/2, or 2/3. If you were looking to buy a new guitar, for a cheap price, this would be a nice buy.. I've seen much worse guitars, and i've seen much much nicer guitars, but i would suggest if you want a good quality guitar, i'd suggest spending a little more money on a guitar that will satisfy you, and last for a long time. But this is a not to bad beginner guitar.
Price: $0.00 (new)
Where Obtained: MacDonalds music
Made in i dont konw where, made from i dont know what, 24 frets, 6 strings, 2 tone switches, 1 volume switch, pickup selector thingy, 3 pickups, dont know what conifg, dont konw what kinda electronics, nor pickups, clear blue finish on body, natural on neck, dont know what body style?, string thru body brige i guess, non locking tunes, dont knwo what brand..
The guitar plays excellent, has great action, with no frett buzz at all.. but the place where you plug the cord into always comes loose so you hafta tighten that often, and cuts out sometimes, and my amp sucks so it buzzes when plugged into it. I think my guitar kinda sucks, and i want a new one.
Sound Quality:
My crate amp bites big ass, and doesnt have very good distortion.. cant even hear whats being played usually... I usualy use it for mellow, oldies/rock, works pretty well for Pink floyd, elvis, some ac/dc and stuff.. but overall, I think there are many better brands out there.
I've never played live with it, but it holds up good after a couple hours of heavy playing, needs tuning once in a while, but other than that its pretty durable.. Never really had to adjust it, except for the bridge once in a great while.. Fares well in climate changes, and hasnt warped/bent at all.