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Version 1.0
Platforms PC - Win 9x/ME
Size 10.6 MEGS
License Free
Description FREE 8 Track Recorder. Multi inputs - line (L, R), mic (L, R), CD (L, R) Use effects. Simple GUI. Includes pan, effects (2 per chan),3 bnd EQ, in-lev, mix-lev, VU, and Mast lev. I/O is 16 bit. Mixdown to WAVE.
Posted By Mark Chaney (172)
Directory Software: Audio/MIDI
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On 4/21/2001, Mark Chaney (172) posted:
Overall Rating:
Just get it. It's cool. It's free. You'll be impressed. Guaranteed.
Price: $0.00 (new)
Where Obtained: CNET
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
FREE! Yep, yes, uh huh...FREE. 8 Track, 16 bit recording on your PC using reliable FREE software. You'll need a 486 DX minimum ( not reccomended ) to run this program. Based on the performance on my system, even a sub pentium 200 should be cool for playing back up to 4 tracks at a time. You'll want to use the quick walkthrough to get started because using this is so simple that it can throw you...especially if you're used to the convoluted interfaces that exist on other programs which tickle engineers, but irritate guitar players. Since I've already outlined the specs I won't be redundant here, but this is powerful enough to produce an excellent demo or distributable CD. I HIGHLY recommend this excellent software, and I encourage you wealthy folks (who may scoff at freeware) to tell your Top Ramen buddies about this program.
Ease of Use:
Ease of Use Can you use it right out of the box? Yes, but there's no box. Is there a steep learning curve in mastering its use? Not really. Use the Walk-through. My friend got me three mixed down track in a few hours including the time to upload the tracks. How easy is it to use compared to any similar software you've tried? Easier than most. I haven't tried everything on the market, but I do know that this is for a guitarist. The only drawback that this program may have would be lack of effects built in...though it does support primary and 3rd party effects. GET IT!