Ibanez S470

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description Fast thin neck.22 frets.double locking tremolo.axis pickups. a 1 at neck.single coil in middle. a2 at bridge
Posted By Terry Jacobson (1651)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 5/23/2006, Andy Haraschak (668) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar is perfect other than the pickups, I would definitely buy this guitar again.

Some of my friends think it's heavy but I don't think it is.(They are probably just a bunch of pansys.)
Model Year: 2005
Price: $475.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
Made in US Amazingly smooth thin maple neck, rosewood fretboard. 22 Jumbo frets 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 2 humbuckers and 1 single-coil Ibanez pickups, 5-way pickup selector switch H-S-H pickup configuration Great locking tremolo with locking nut which keeps the guitar in tune for weeks
Even though the guitar has jumbo frets I can still obtain a low action and with the thin neck allows me to play faster and smoother. Compared to other guitars I've played this guitar is much easier to play.
Sound Quality:
I use this guitar with a Marshall 30W MG and it sounds great with the bridge pickup. You can also acheive a nice warm lead sound with the neck pickup. I play mostly metal/shred but you can definitely play country or blues with single-coil or with the humbuckers in split-coil mode. I am however considering putting new pickups in.
This guitar is reliable enough for any situation. I had the guitar setup once(I was messing with the action) and it has been fine since When I received the guitar the tone pot was low put that was easily fixed.
On 10/19/2005, Spencer Bonnevie (119) posted:
Overall Rating:
I thought this guitar played very nicely for an affordable price. It stays in tune really well and the spring system stting is handy to have. I thought it was quite nice.
Price: $660.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Sam Ash
On 9/17/2001, Nir Levy (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
Well if i hadn't install the EMG's i don't know if it was still good enough for me to buy it again if it was stolen... yet i'm really happy about the guitar it kicks ass.. - this guitar can't be any better, (I think) ;)..
Model Year: 1998
Price: $1000.00 (new)
Where Obtained: israel
Exellent Guitar! I have 2 more JACKSON guitars, and the IBANEZ kicks ASS! it has the coolest Metal sound, and it is really fun to play.
It is excellent for playing live, i already had.. once a week or something i tune it, it stays tuned most of the time. the EMG pics Really Do it justice...
On 4/20/2001, Terry Jacobson (1651) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would buy this guitar again.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $400.00
Where Obtained: used on ebay
Made in korea.maple neck.mahogany body.22 jombo frets. 1 volume knob 1 tone knob. 5 position switch. neck is thin and verry fast. guitar is light and very comfortable.
Action is verry good. plays faster than les pual i used to own .tone knob is either treble or bass no in betweene
Sound Quality:
I play it through a marshall tsl 601 and it sounds very good. i play blues and rock . plenty of tones with 5 way switch
Ive oned it for 2 months and every tning is fine. t does stay in tune great for a locking tremolo.