Peavey Ultra 410

60W Combo (4 x 4")

Made by Peavey

Description A 3-channel all-tube open-back combo amp
Posted By Bud Sloniger (166)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 4/17/2001, Bud Sloniger (166) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a lot. Marshalls, Crates, Carvin, Johnson, Line6, Fender, Mesa. This was the best price/performance I could find, especially with the 3-channel input. I wanted a 4-10 tube combo, because I loved my bandmate's Fender DeVille, but my acoustic sounded like s--- through it. My favorite thing about it is it's versatility. My least favorite is it's noisy at high volume, but that's probably because I have a lotta stuff plugged into it. I'd add a second set of tone controls, or maybe just an individual "contour" or "presence" control to the Ultra and Crunch channels.
Price: $400.00
Where Obtained: Pawn Shop in McKinney, TX
3 descrete channels, master volume, reverb level, cabinet emulation eq, footswitch. There's a 3-band tone control, but the tone controls are shared for the two "dirty" channels called "ultra" and "crunch"..that kinda sux. Bright switch on the clean channel reminds me of my old, old Fender (kicking myself...) 2 inputs, FX loop, line out, speaker impedance selector, with an extension speaker jack. Plenty loud, sounds great mic'd line out sounds raspy (just mic it, OK? if you're gonna use a line out...get a transistor amp)
Sound Quality:
I usually play it with an old LP plugged into the normal channel and my thinline acoustic plugged into the -10db channel. One of the few tube guitar amps that sounds acceptable with an acoustic plugged into it (bright switch!) The two dirty channels can be set to different gains, and that can be great for leads, etc. F/X loop works great with my cheepo DOD multiFX box. Clean is always clean, and the dirty can be made to have a bluesy edge pretty easily. But...what it loves is "nails on the blackboard" that Ultra channel with the settings all at 12:00 sounds like my old Ampeg V-4 on 9. any volume!
Ease of Use:
Pretty easy to use. You do have to do some experimenting, though, mainly because there's a lot of options. I usually set the cabinet emulation first, for the room, then go from there. I think it's easy to find a nice balance on the clean EQ to leave my acoustic plugged in as well as my Lester.
My GOD! It weighs a TON! The one I had was dropped off a truck or something (before I bought it). Lots of external damage, cut tolex, busted knobs. $100 in the repair shop, plus parts.