Warrior Guardian

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Warrior

Description Long-time Bass builder JD. Lewis now builds guitars. Handmade guitars that tickle your sensories! Sight, Feel, and sound! Simply put I have never seen a nicer guitar.
Posted By Tom Kasperski (12)
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On 4/17/2001, Tom Kasperski (12) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was basically sold on a prs but then she came along and when I played her it was all over. I am a big fan of older prs and this reminds me of the quality and craftsmanship of an old pre production paul reed smith. It is in the same price range as prs, if you want a higher quality guitar that is hand made then look into these. Plus I like JD lewis the builder--I sent him an email to check the serial # of the guitar and he replied promptly and welcomed me into the warrior family! Check one out and you'll fall in love
Model Year: 1999
Price: $2000.00
Where Obtained: private party
Handmade in georgia this guitar boasts a 250+ year old mahogany body with a 5A master grade Flamed maple top. The neck is mahogany/purple heart/mahogany and the purple heart runs the length of the guitar.(sustain!!!) The neck heal is one of the best I have ever felt!(mcnaught has it beat though!!) Zero neck heal and a full reach to the 24th fret. It has controls for the volume, 2 tone knobs, a stereo blend knob for the piezo, a 5 way pickup selector,and a 3 way toggle for the piezo(active/blend/passive) has 3 EMG's in a strat configuration. Features a double cutaway body with a recessed tune o matic bridge. it's a through the body stringing system with locking sperzel tuners.
It honestly took a couple weeks to get used to--first off I have smaller hands and the neck is ultra wide yet thin. Plays almost by itself! I had it set up with a low action and it's the fastest neck i have ever played!
Sound Quality:
2 tubescreamers, dd-5 delay, digitech rp-3, leslie simulator(70's analog). I play a eclectic mix of jazz/rock/blugrass and it fufills any sound requirement that I have had--basically she's a tone machine that can be dialed into what ever sounds one would want! can I say sustain? She's got tons of that too!
I rarely have to tune--that is to say I can and have played for 2 day's without touching the tuners! havent' had the guitar long enough to know it's durability but I can tell you that customer service is known to be one of the best in the business at Warrior!!