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Posted By Stone Dragon (8501)
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On 7/9/2002, Tony Ventura (502) posted:
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Like Stone said..check it out. I've learned a lot about copyright law today. For instance, you do not have to officially register to claim copyright on original works. However, to file a claim through the courts, official registration is necessary. Also, anyone can file for copyright, just by obtaining the proper forms and following the outlined procedures. You do not need an attorney or copyright "specialist" to do this. This resource is a must read for anyone interested in obtaining copyright on their original material.
On 4/10/2001, Stone Dragon (8501) posted:
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If you're at all interested in copyright law, then there is no better place to read those laws than the official US Copyright website.

Here you will not only find each section of the laws in downloadable PDF format, you can also download the forms that you will need in order to copyright your work.

Check out the FAQ for a good basic understanding of how the laws work.