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Description 3/8" padded black canvas (Cordura-like) covers of high quality. Designed with a zippered enclosure to protect the entire speaker enclosure
Posted By Theresa Dobbs (3289)
Directory Equipment: Cases/Covers/Racks
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On 4/7/2001, Theresa Dobbs (3289) posted:
Overall Rating:
The cover could be improved through the use of ballistic nylon or Cordura for added strength and longitivity, but the material is adequate for general purpose use. This case was compared with Tuki Covers and is of comparable quality and durability. I would recommend this purchase again and would continue to use them as a source for my cover needs. StudioSlips provides covers not only for my speaker covers but my rack case covers as well. The ability to work directly with the manufacturer was a pleasure.
Price: $100.00 (new)
Where Obtained: StudioSlips
This cover was made to specification and is used to protect (1) 2x12 speaker cabinet. It is fully lined with a 3/8" insulated padding to add a level of cushion for protection. The cover is made from a cordura-like black canvas, resistant to moisture and the elements. The heavy duty zipper is a large, dual meshing type which allows the user to effortlessly zip the cover closed from both ends. Handle cutouts are finished with a lip to slip under the speaker handles and provides additional cushioning for the lift.
StudioSlips manufactures as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for major amp manufacturers. Their quality is high and durability will depend on how poorly or well one treats the material. Dragging the case on concrete repeatedly would not be adviseable. The construction is moderately heavy. A tear in the fabric could displace the padding in sections. (The padding is quilted so as not to shift and bunch).