Park G10R

10W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Park

Description Small 10watt solid state practice amp with reverb from the makers of Marshall.
Posted By Justin Frear (3769)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 4/6/2001, Justin Frear (3769) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was in the market for just a simple, straightforward and inexpensive practice amp to use when giving lessons so I didn't have to haul my Rivera around. I would've preferred one with two instrument inputs, but a Y-adapter works just as well. I wasn't expecting to find much in my price range but was pleasantly surprised. Just about every amp of this variety is going to be very similar, but this one didn't sound as "tinny" as some I'd tried. The reverb is an added bonus and just gives it that extra oomph. Does what I need it to do so I'm not complaining.
Price: $75.00
Where Obtained: AZ Music
Pretty much a straightforward little practice combo with reverb. 10 watts, solid state, single channel. Interestingly enough, it has 2 gain controls for different tonal abilities. Headphone jack, single 8" speaker, 3 band EQ.
Sound Quality:
As indicated above, this is simply a practice amp. Not powerful enough for much else, but plenty loud for its intended purpose. Sound quality is as you'd expect from a small combo this size. The clean setting has a nice ringing quality to it and a touch of reverb helps nicely. Tweak the gains a bit and it dirties up nicely.
Ease of Use:
What could be easier? 3 band EQ, a reverb knob, a master volume & 2 gains. Instrument & headphone input.
For a "cheap Marshall", it's built as solidly as any Marshall I've ever owned. Nice construction.