Martin 00-18SH

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Martin

Description This is a beautiful, small bodied, Steve Howe signature model. It has exceptional tone, and very easy to play due to short scale. Engleman spruce top, mohagany sides and back, ebony fingerboard. Richer tone and sound than most full sized acoustics.
Posted By Paul V
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Member Reviews

On 4/9/2001, Paul V posted:
Overall Rating:
This was a must-have guitar, being a huge fan of Steve and his sound. I would have no other guitar, and couldn't say any improvement is needed. The best quality is the rich tone, and the playability is second best. Limited to 250 editions.
Price: $1980.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Fred's online music
Hand-made by Martin. Engleman spruce top, mahogany back and sides, ebony board, 1/4" hand scalloped bracing, nickel-plated replicas of Kluson "oil hole" tuners, short scale, the soundboard is tinted with golden "vintage toner," and the lacquered body is polished to a high gloss. An unbound genuine ebony fingerboard is inlaid with vintage style 18 abalone position dots. Steve Howe's signature is delicately inlaid between the 18th and 20th frets. The bridge, also sculpted from genuine ebony, is fitted with a vintage long or "through" saddle of genuine bone. The headstock is squared and tapered in the old style with a genuine bone nut. A true beauty, with exception tone.
The short scale makes this guitar very easy to play. The neck has a natural finish and fits perfectly in hand.
Sound Quality:
Excellent for all styles; plectrum, finger style, and Travis picking. The tones are richer and sound warmer than any other acoustic I've played.
Never had to adjust anything! Just keep it in it's case when not playing it, and lot's of TLC. Handles climate changes well.