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Description Hand made australian eucalypt and maple wood Bass guitar with dimarzio pickups ana d'aldro strings
Posted By Dave Glenn (8)
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On 3/24/2001, Dave Glenn (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
The guitar has been played by many people. All have stated how much they like the tone of the guitar and i have been offerd a lot more money for it than i thought possible. when i tell people i built it myself they are amazed and i can tell you how good it feels to be able to say that. i dont think i'll ever sell it.
Model Year: 1998
Price: $319.00 Australian (new)
Where Obtained: built by myself
The main body of the guitar is eucalypt wich although is a heavier timber than usual i found is has a natural resonance which enhances the tone. the body is natural finshed with a danish oil to highlight the redness of the timber. the neck is of rose wood simply because it was lying around the workshop floor. i used the blue jazz fender tone control setup after experiamenting with a few differnt types of circuit and found the passive pickups and tone controls to be just as good as the active type. the tuners are non locking and the bridge is of the string thru body.
There is a tendancy for the G string to buzz every now and then particually noticeable when i'm playing a slow song with the E or A strings. unless you are a dedicated bass player most people dont pick it up and i'm working on the problem at this point in time. the action i get from this guitar is fantastic. since i built it i haven't pick up my old bass for some time. (Bassman)
Sound Quality:
I use a home made 450W Valve Head amp coupled to a 4X10" box and a 1X16" box and a set of horns. the preamp is again a home made job using transistors for the first stage and then the trusty old valves for the output stage and tone controls. (5 band EQ, overdrive, and the good old spring reverb)i dont have any pedals or any other effects.
Truss rod has been adjusted once in its 6 years of use. in this part of the world we have very hot days and cool nights and as yet there seems to be no problem with the guitar being affected by the extreme temprature/humidity changes.