Composing Music: A New Approach

by William Russo

(1983) University Of Chicago Press #0-226-73216-9

Description This book presents composing in a series of "hands-on" excercises that take you from baby steps to some pretty deep stuff.
Posted By Doug McMullen (6014)
Directory Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals
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On 3/23/2001, Doug McMullen (6014) posted:
Overall Rating:
Composing? Hell yeah why not. I'd always assumed composing was for the absolute monster musical brainiacs. Study this book and you'll be saying... wow... this is easy. You need a very basic grasp of standard music notation (you do _not_ need to sight read). This is not a deep theory book. It is about how teach yourself the basics of composition keeping musical expression uppermost in the process. You aren't going to be Beethoven when you're finished, but you'll have learned a ton about music. A ton of things you can apply to guitar playing! Best of all, the process is entirely creative. This book is great for self-study. This is a great book for improvisers and songwriters. Can't recommend it highly enough.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists