Mesa/Boogie Maverick

30W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Mesa/Boogie

Description All tube combo. 2 channels, (clean/drive) with independent high, mid, low, level, master and reverb for each channel. Parallel effects loop, fat/bright option on clean channel and class-a power section round out the general description.
Posted By Eric Gates (1345)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 3/19/2001, Eric Gates (1345) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great amp. I don't think I will need to replace it for quite some time... hopefully never. If something happened to it I would probably look at a Blue Angel as well, but I would most likely end up trying to find one of these again (they haven't made the 1x12 for a couple of years) The only thing I would do to improve this amp would be to add a fully closed cabinet for better bass response, but since it's a combo that's kind of out of the question. My favorites thing about it is how well it responds to every little thing that I do with my pick - it has really forced me to clean up my playing, even then some of the sloppy sounds have a place too.
Price: $650.00
Where Obtained: private seller
This is a pretty straight forward amp with full eq controls on both of it's channels (clean and drive.) Both channels have independent reverb as well. The parallel effects loop proivdes lots of options if you into experimenting. The clean channel has an aditional switch for selecting fat/bright operating mode. All tube operation with a class-a power section (el84), tube/solid state rectifier option and runs a 30 watts. For the situations I play in this is plenty loud, even with other guitars and loud drummers, but it might be hard pressed to keep up with a 100 watt stack.
Sound Quality:
I use a Washburn semi-hollow guitar, normally with a lot of effects in the chain, but sometimes just straight in. Either way it sounds great! I mostly just use the clean channel and have some pedals for getting overdrive, although the dirty channel isn't bad. This is a fairly mid heavy amp - it does not sound like a Fender! (it doesn't sound like a VOX either, I know people have made that mistaken assumption before because of the power section, but they are completely different amps.) I like to run the clean channel pushed just a little bit, and I think that this is the area where it excels. Mesa calls it a roots-style amp.... I'm not sure what that means, but I would say this thing is probably good for anything short of death metal. I play everything from jazz -> rock -> bluegrass and it works for all of it. It even makes my cheap little mandolin sound killer! You can run it quiet and it sounds good, but as with most amps you really have to turn itup and give it some room to breath and then it comes to life. The bass response at low volumes leaves a little to be desired, but turn it up a bit and it comes to life.
Ease of Use:
I'd say it's pretty easy, although there may be more controls than some people like. If you want to get fancy with it you can spend a lot of time just teaking things, but it sounds good with minimal effort. The interactive controls do take a little getting used to.
I haven't had any problems with it, and niether did the previous owner. It's still a tube amp though, and I carry replacements for all of them.