Washburn BT4Q

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Washburn

Description -Red Cherry Sunburst- -Solidwood body- -Quilted Maple Film Top Overlay- -22 frets- -Sonokelin Fretboard- -Chrome Grover (A102-C) Tuning machine
Posted By Joshua Schwed (90)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 3/16/2001, Joshua Schwed (90) posted:
Overall Rating:
What can I say? It's not that horrible, but still other guitar companties make better starting packs with more options and better guitar pickups and since Washburn does make good guitars, I wouldn't forget about them completely, just avoid any of their low models (or electrics for that matter)
Price: $280.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Music Emporium
Not sure where its made, Sonokelin fretboard 22 frets Chrome standard fender tremolo bridge Single open type (black) Neck pickup Single open type (black) Middle pickup K-10 Humb open type (black) Bridge Pickup Chrome football type Jack plate 5 way lever Switch Chrome Grover tuning machine Red Cherry Sunburst (photo finish?)
The action is decent, the neck was good but this guitar is good for a beginner. I'd probably prefer an Ibanez GRX or Squier starter over this but its still good if your learning and you want something good to jam on. Still the Ibanez and Squier have better neck pickups etc.
Sound Quality:
I use my Crate GFX-15 and even though thats not a great amp, the distortion was crappy and the pickups didnt change the sound by that much. Probably would be good for metal/rock which is what I play, maybe you can use it for jazz, but i'd doubt you'd want to. Kinda noisy and bad sounding. Ibanez and Fender/Squier made better beginner pickups.
Well none of the pickups broke, popped 2 strings which were my fault, but it kept goin out of tune. If you have this guitar...just sell it and get a Fender/Squier or Ibanez all ready!