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Description This site is pretty cool, here's how it works. you pick from a list of bands that you like when you register. After you register you get to listen to a personal online radio station, it personalizes it for you after you rate the songs that it plays
Posted By Reid Weathers (522)
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Member Reviews

On 3/26/2001, Howard Owens (3129) posted:
Overall Rating:
Amazing site. They've got a pretty vast library of music. Sure it's got holes in it, but still, if you can't find enough music hear that you think is good, they're brain dead. It won't have everything you want, but it's still a lot of fun to rate songs, see how other people rate songs, and build a catalog for your own radio station, which you can share with friends. Also, a ton of videos. Much better than VH1.
On 3/16/2001, Reid Weathers (522) posted:
Overall Rating:
Just check it out I think you'll all like it. I'm really surprised at some of the stuff it will play for you. It's not all that stupid "TOP 40" crap.