To Record Only Water For Ten Days

by John Frusciante

(2001) WEA/Warner Brothers

Personnel John Frusciante, guitars. John Frusciante, producer. It's all John !
Description Completely Solo(!) album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarists. Lo-Fi record. Acoustic gutars, programmed drums. Intimate approach, personal texts.
Posted By Nicolas De LaBrure (58)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 3/3/2001, Nicolas De LaBrure (58) posted:
Overall Rating:
Completely different music than what he does with the Peppers. Also, because it's all John, vocals sound weird, drums are programmed and most of the tunes looks incomplete. But, I took it as it was and really had a great time. John's style is inimitable and there's a bunch of great tunes (even thou they sound incomplete). GREAT experience and I think John succeeded in "representing his feelings as purely as possible", BUT I must give a 3/5 because of the vocals, and the unfinish look of it.