Ernie Ball/Music Man Stainless Steel

Made by Ernie Ball/Music Man

Description Stainless steel, clean sounding, Acoustic/electric strings (this is just an ernie ball gimmick, they are pretty much electric strings)
Posted By William Faulkner
Directory Equipment: Strings
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Member Reviews

On 3/19/2001, William Faulkner posted:
Overall Rating:
These inexpensive strings are an excellent choice as they sound and play as well as any strings I've used including expensive elixirs.
Price: $3.50 (new)
The gauge is on the lighter end of the spectrum. Most people prefer a .9 high E string, but the thicker .10 gives a crisper sound on the E string. The stainless steel is good if your fingertips sweat on the fretboard. My old strings used to rust in like a week, but these stay very clean and don't rust at all.
Sound Quality:
I play a Fender American Tele with a vintage Fender tube amp. Most often I play melodic riffs and chord progressions, with an occasional solo. Although I was never as interested in my improv skills as I was chordally, smooth bends and a clean sound (every note that you play sounds like you are playing an open string) make these strings excellent for soloing (blues and jazz.)
Strings stay in tact well. Best sound comes after about 2 weeks of use. Sometimes these strings can retain this sound for 3 months. It depends on your guitar, how you play, and what you play. They stay in tune very well once they have settled on to the guitar. Of course the guitar makes a huge difference also. I usually change them every 2 months.